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About The Company                                                                             

Keawe Consulting LLC dba Keawe Adventures was started in 2008 by Paul Makani Christensen. After an honorable discharge from The United States Marine Corps, Makani followed his passions; to live the island outdoor life and preserve Hawaii's history and culture. Being born and raised in Hawaii, Makani had a unique perspective of the world. From his broad travels he realized that although Hawaii thrived on tourism, the industry catered to the masses and lacked in providing rich depth of personal connection for the tourists who sought to embrace Hawaii's true culture. Therefore, Keawe Adventures was born to provide a more intimate experience between tourist and Hawaii by providing a thorough, cultural education from the people who lived it and who had retained the knowledge past down from their families, generation to generation.

Starting mainly as a watersport activity service, the company began to attract coastal businesses interested in conducting their own beach activity stands. Furthermore, as Makani's reputation and background became well-known, the company received numerous requests for Hawaii's cultural advisory, strategic planning for business and organizational goals, ocean monitoring, and handling of proper business etiquette for Hawaii's unique market. Therefore, Makani expanded the company to address the needs for Water & Sports Activities, Site Seeing & Cultural Tours, and Consulting for business and Hawaiian cultural interests.

We hope our love of our home, Hawaii, passes onto all who adventure with us. Make your next adventure and Keawe Adventure!