ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono 

Keawe Adventures 

Private Guided Tours of the Hawaiian Islands 

Fly Fishing



$150 per hour, plus tax (1-3 individuals, 3 Hours minimum)

*For larger parties please contact us to make proper arrangements.


Price Rate is based on bookings up to 3 people for Fly Fishing Tours. Please inquire for group bookings beyond 3 people.

Cancellation Policy:

All tours require a 48 hours cancellation to avoid any penalties.  Private charters require 7 day cancellation to avoid any penalties.

Tour Description

Enjoy wading in Hawaii's shallow waters in a quiet, mystic experience with our guides. Bonefish, also known as Oio, thrive in the sandy, shallow waters around the island. You can often see their tails waving in the air on low tides as they feed on mantis shrimp, crabs, sand turtles, and squid. Our guides will help you "match the hatch" (use a fly that closely resembles the fish's natural prey) to land your first Hawaiian Bonefish. Weather a beginner or an experienced angler, let's give you the opportunity to catch these illusive fish!

The flat's depth ranges from 0-4 feet and is easily accessible by foot. You can expect to do a lot a walking over uneven grounds but in the end, if we are lucky, you'll be able to brag to all your friends about the giant Hawaiian bonefish you just caught.

We also recommend keeping groups to a maximum of 3 individuals. However, we will make exceptions for bigger groups. Keep in mind that the bigger groups tend to get less individual attention.


Potential Fly Fishing areas include Portlock, Kuliouou, Niu Valley, Kahala, Alamoana, and Chinaman's Hat.


Reef Walkers, an 8 or 9-weight Rod, Reel, and Flies.

Things to Bring: 

Sunscreen, Cash (some places accept cash only), Identification, Cameral, Towel, Bathing Suite/Trunks (or something you don't mind getting wet in), and Sandals or Slippers.


In Hawaii, there are no fishing licenses required for such an activity.

Images and Videos

Here are a few images and videos to motivate you for your fishing adventure!  Find more videos of Keawe Adventures on YouTube.